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Sing at Work News - Summer, 2020



I never, ever, thought I would see the day that singing would be labelled dangerous, and as you might imagine, 4 months ago I was feeling a little bit worried about the future of Sing at Work. BUT we adapted to the COVID-19 crisis, creating online lessons and virtual choirs and I'm delighted to say that our forward-thinking clients didn't let it stop them singing. In fact, since the lockdown started, our online workplace choirs have been more popular than ever. At a strange time for many organisations, singing together has been about escaping the the tedium of the home-office, or of being on furlough, it's been about dancing and laughing and simply continuing to connect and belong together over the timeless joy of music. I'm delighted to share with you some of the fruits of our work with clients over the last 3 months, plus details of some new opportunities to get singing, either alone or with colleagues during this pandemic. Thanks, as always, for your support and don't forget to stay safe and keep singing! Ellie


Homerton University Hospital sing "Halo"

Staff and Homerton hospital have been meeting for the past 12 weeks and created this tear-jerking music video for their colleagues across the NHS. Well done all! #LOVEYOURNHS


New clients

Welcome! takepayments are the latest organisation to sign up to online choirs. Congratulations to everyone involved so far, a stellar start.


1-1 Singing Lessons available

As a singer and vocal coach, I’m constantly awed by the power of the human voice to move and heal people. But for every time I’ve witnessed the voice’s power, I’ve also witnessed another kind of phenomenon, something called “I can’t sing”! “I can’t sing!” Many people think they shouldn’t sing because they aren’t professionals, or usually, because someone has told them so. But research shows that only 2% of people are what we would medically call tone deaf. Our consumer culture places a high premium on ‘talent’ as a commodity, and somewhere along the way we’ve lost our voices. But singing is our birthright! It is a tool for self-expression and a key to so much joy. It isn’t reserved for the ‘gifted’, in fact, it's the ultimate public domain. It is my mission to help you find your voice and to use it as a gateway to health and fulfillment. If you are curious about exploring and improving your singing or speaking voice email me at or book online today.


Forming a Christmas Choir with your staff is a unique opportunity to bring some festive cheer to the workplace. We are awaiting government guidelines on whether we'll be able to meet in person but click here to find out how you can raise the roof at your Christmas "do” next year.


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