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Summer News and Announcements

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Turn your team into a choir in just 4 weeks! Introducing 'Pop-Up' Office Choirs: 

Do you have a special event in the office diary? Or a team that needs some extra love? Our Pop-Up Office Choir experience will turn your people into a performance-ready choir in just 4 weeks. Perfect opportunity to try choir on a short-term basis, wherever you work.

Just announced: Christmas Choirs 2019

Forming a Christmas Choir with your staff is a unique opportunity to bring some festive cheer to the workplace. Click below to raise the roof at your Christmas "do” or find out how you can use the opportunity to raise some money for charity.

Other News

On 13th June, our Founder, Ellie Rusbridge hosted a reception celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Enterprise Fellowship - a network of the UK's leading entrepreneurs who are committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of leaders, there she met His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.


This Spring Sing at Work has started choirs in Business in the Community and Homerton University Hospital - welcome to the club! 


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