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"When we sing together I forget all the stress of life and relax... It sounds cheesy, but at choir I really allow myself just to exist in the moment."

Employee health and wellbeing is a top business priority - according to ACAS “mental health problems cost employers in the UK £30 billion a year through lost production and absence".  Organisations that invest in wellbeing initiatives have the highest rates of employee motivation and engagement better staff retention, stronger internal collaboration, improved productivity, and enhanced brand profile and the lowest rates of sick-leave.  

Our 'Singing for Wellbeing Session' can be a less daunting prospect for many people than 'choir'. Here we focus on breath, the body and well known, feel-good songs - an opportunity to discover the power of your voice and the ecstasy of singing with others, whatever your age, ability or experience.

What are the benefits of Singing in a Choir?


Group Singing is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking, and certainly more fun than going for a run. we think it's the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed. But why?

- Singing has been found to improve mental health by alleviating anxiety and stress through the release of endorphins. This has been found to improve brain function and actually make us more productive.


- The release of oxytocin enhances feelings of trust and bonding and may explain why singing seems to lessen feelings of depression and loneliness.  


- Research shows that taking part in playful group activities can contribute to a sense of purpose and meaning, improving personal presence and confidence and all-round quality of life.


-Singing can improve physical health-  by getting people on their feet, breathing deeply and exercising the major muscle groups of the upper body. 


- Best of all singing is simple! Nothing is required to take part - no previous experience and no equipment. This a minimum faff, minimum cost, maximum impact intervention.

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