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“I’ve met people I never would have met, and I’ve sung in locations I didn’t even know existed! – Thanks so much for an all-round enriching experience”

Vocal Away Days: The Basics

The ultimate team building activity, our Vocal Away Day is an immediately engaging vehicle to get teams discovering untapped creativity.


Vocal Days bring together teams of all sizes and at every level. We'll get you up on your feet, breathing deeply and working together to create a harmonious sound. 

Singing with others is a powerful way to develop personal presence and confidence.

Teams will leave feeling energised, united and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Best of all, it’s simple! Neither your organisation nor your employees need any previous experience or equipment.

“Choir has been a convenient way to get some time away from the desk... I loved the energy from the team and learning how to sing in tune” 


- Ellie Sutton, Law Consultant, Hedley May

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